Hardie® Panel

Hardie® Panel

A2 fire-rated performance that’s affordable.

If you’re looking for a high performance, A2 fire-rated façade cladding at an affordable price – Hardie® Panel is the right choice for your next residential, commercial or recladding project.

Whatever look you choose, you know you’re getting the strength and durability your clients deserve – making it a smart and cost effective solution for any project.

Enhance Exteriors: Installation Services for Hardie® Products

Welcome to Enhance Exteriors, your trusted provider for the installation of facade panels and weatherboards. We take pride in offering installation services for Hardie® Panel and Hardie® Plank products, helping you transform your architectural visions into reality.

Hardie® Panel Installation: Large Format Facade Panels

Our installation service for Hardie® Panel ensures that these large format facade panels are fitted to perfection. These panels, known for their A2 fire rated performance, offer a multitude of design possibilities. Available in 8mm for all building types and 11mm for projects requiring a category I impact rating. Contact us today for a quote!

Hardie® Plank Family Installation: A Modern Twist to Traditional Weatherboard

Choose our installation service for the traditional weatherboard Hardie® Plank or Hardie® VL Plank for a modern interlocking design. Made with advanced fibre cement technology, our installation ensures these planks can withstand even the harshest of climatic conditions. Get in touch for a consultation!

Hardie® Architectural Panel Installation: Endless Design Possibilities

With James Hardie, It’s Possible™. Our installation service for Hardie® Architectural Panel is available in two stunning textures and six modern colours, offering endless design possibilities. It’s A2 fire rated, non-combustible, and comes with a 15-year warranty. Discover more about our installation services for Hardie® Architectural Panel.

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Our dedicated team of Hardie® Architectural Panel experts have extensive experience and specialist knowledge to support your project. Contact us to see how we can help meet your requirements. Trust our fibre cement products knowing that you have made the best choice.

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At Enhance Exteriors, we are committed to providing high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing exterior solutions. Learn more about our company, career opportunities, and why we choose fibre cement.

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  • Non-combustible (A2, s1-d0)
  • 15 Year warranty covering paint, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping
  • High performance, affordable solution
  • ​BBA certified

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Panel A2

Hardie® Panel can be used as a direct replacement for existing cladding on a range of buildings. The non-combustible A2-s1-d0 rated panel can be trusted for protection against fire and extreme weathering for many years to come, whilst providing the strength, durability and style that your clients deserve. Cladding your project with Hardie® Panel is a way to not only ensure project safety and compliance but is also great way to revitalise and modernise buildings.


Hardie® Panel is formulated to give you a long-lasting, low maintenance and consistent finish for years to come with a warranty of 15 years.

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Hardie® Panel is available in a smooth texture and a variety of colours. 5 colours are available as standard, but we also offer custom colours to make your project unique. To give you a bigger flexibility with your projects, we offer to produce any colour you want within the RAL colour system!

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