Client: HD WIndows Location: Biggleswade

The project involved the installation of UPVC fascia from Eurocell to a property in Biggleswade. The key steps included: Preparation: Ensuring level rafters and applying preservative treatment to the structural timber. Installation of Fascia Boards: Directly fixing 18mm thick fascia boards to the rafters, eliminating the need for a timber substrate. Guttering: Attaching the guttering to every third rafter. Soffit Board Installation: Installing 9mm soffit boards after ensuring the preservative treatment applied to the structural timber had dried completely. Ventilation: Using the Eurosoffit board for roofs requiring ventilation and having a pitch greater than 15˚. Hollow Soffit Board Installation: Installing 9mm hollow soffit boards in 300mm and 100mm widths, either at right angles or parallel to full replacement boards. This project was completed successfully, enhancing the property’s exterior while ensuring durability and weather resistance.

Project Description

Project Overview

Enhance Exteriors recently completed a comprehensive exterior renovation project for a valued customer of H D Windows Ltd in Biggleswade. The project involved a significant upgrade of the property’s exterior, replacing wooden elements with high-quality UPVC materials.


  1. Removal of Wooden Fascia and Soffits: The project began with the careful removal of the existing wooden fascia and soffits. This was done meticulously to maintain the structural integrity of the property.
  2. Levelling the Soffit: The original soffit had a sloping design. However, the customer expressed a preference for a level soffit. Our team skillfully adjusted the soffit to achieve a level appearance, aligning with the customer’s specifications.
  3. Installation of UPVC Fascia: Following the adjustments to the soffit, we installed a full replacement UPVC fascia board. This not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the property but also offers long-term durability.
  4. Front Porch Renovation: The renovation continued to the front of the porch, where we added FloPlast black round guttering. This addition further improved the property’s exterior look and functionality.
  5. Trimming of Wooden Post: There was a wooden post that the customer also wanted trimming up with UPVC. Our team expertly handled this request, ensuring the post was neatly trimmed and matched the rest of the property’s new exterior.

This project is a testament to Enhance Exteriors’ commitment to delivering high-quality exterior renovations that meet our customers’ specific needs and preferences. We are proud to have partnered with H D Windows Ltd on this successful project.

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