Question: What is a Soffit? Answer: It is the board on the underside!

Roofline ( What is a Soffit? ) is the term builders, architects and tradesmen use for the boards that run along the bottom edge of your roof where it meets the wall of your house.

Roofline anatomy, What is a Soffit?


Soffits are the boards that fit between the fascia and the wall of your home. They’re less visible than fascias (you have stand closer in to your home to get a good look at them) and slightly less exposed to the full force of the weather.

They are designed to:

  • Protect rafter feet from rain and moisture
  • Seal the roof space so birds and rodents can’t find their way in and build nests.

While sealing your roof from animals and the elements, it’s important soffits also allow enough air into your roof space to prevent damp and condensation from building up inside – something that can cause as much damage in the long run as allowing water to penetrate from the outside.

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Repairing and replacing roofline.

If you think your roofline is damaged – or if you can see signs of wear and tear – it’s important you act quickly. Sometimes, wooden boards can let water seep through into your roof space months or years before the effects become obvious.

In particular, look out for:
• Rotting or flaking wood
• Blistering paintwork
• Rust or watermarks
• Animal droppings
• Exposed brickwork and timber

We will be happy to carry out a full inspection and assessment (much better than taking a look yourself if you’re not completely comfortable at heights) and provide you with a quote.

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