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We have been asked by many of our customers what is the CPA Insurance Backed Guarantees. We have an article written from The CPA explaining who they are and what they do. If you need anymore information on the CPA please call them on 01462 850064.

At The CPA, we provide a range of financial protection products for consumers and traders in the construction industry. Our professional services are fully regulated by the FCA and designed to give both homeowners and traders peace of mind that sufficient protection is in place. Established over two decades ago, The CPA are now industry leaders in providing Insurance Backed Guarantees, Deposit Protection, and Dispute Resolution services. We also manage a network of CPA approved installers, who, through CPA endorsement have become trusted traders for providing outstanding levels of skills, expertise, and customer care.

THE CPA (Insurance Backed Guarantees) FOR HOMEOWNERS

As a homeowner planning to undertake any home improvement work, you want to ensure that any work that is carried out is protected in case of a problem occurring. You also want to ensure that you choose the best installer/company to work on your home. At The CPA, we can help you with both of these issues.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

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Insurance Backed Guarantees are an excellent way to protect your investment from unforeseen scenarios. If, while working on your home, a company or installer goes into liquidation or faces financial uncertainty and ceases to trade, an IBG will protect your investment. Depending on the work taking place, most IBGs are guaranteed for 10 years. When you work with a CPA approved trader, you will be supplied with an IBG application which will be required to be returned to the CPA.

Deposit Protection

Most installation companies will require a financial deposit before beginning any work on your home. To give you assurance that your deposit is impartially protected, all CPA approved traders work with and can utilise the CPA regulated Deposit Protection scheme.

The CPA Deposit Protection scheme provides insurance on any money paid in advance of work taking place. The insurance will cover up to 25% of the full price of works or £7,500, whichever is lower. Deposit Protection policies provide cover for up to 90 days from the date the deposit is paid.


The home improvement industry is highly competitive. As an installer, you want to show your potential customers that you are a reputable company who can provide the best service for their home. By becoming a CPA member, you can do just this. CPA registered traders can offer all their customers the financial protection services detailed above. As a CPA member, you also gain access to a range of other services including professional marketing support and impartial alternative dispute resolution services.

Marketing and sales support

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Increasing sales is essential for business success. As a CPA member, you can provide your potential customers with a selection of literature to promote your services. We can create bespoke leaflets, information booklets and brochures, certification literature, and stunning visual displays. We also offer vehicle and showroom stickers, and CPA endorsed ID cards to showcase your services.

Our sales and marketing service has proven extremely successful in helping a wide range of traders to improve their business results. From lead generation to completing sales and providing outstanding post-installation customer care, the CPA can help your business to thrive.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes a trader and customer will disagree on the level of service or quality of installation which has been provided. As a trader, if you’ve received a complaint about any works completed and you can’t come to an agreement with your customer, an independent third party could help you towards resolving the problem.

At The CPA, our Alternative Dispute Resolution service provides both traders and consumers with an effective way to come to an agreement and avoid costly and drawn-out court battles. We can offer you a range of services including mediation, adjudication, arbitration, conciliation, and Ombudsman schemes. Our ADR services are completely impartial and fully supported by the Consumer Rights Act.

At The CPA, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the financial protection domain of the home improvement industry. For both consumers and traders, our services have helped protect thousands of people and given peace of mind and assurance that they are fully protected. Whether you’re a homeowner or installer, the CPA can help your home improvement projects become a complete success. For more information about The CPA call 01462 850 064 or send us a message online.

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