Client: Elton Location: Ampthill

This project showcases our expertise in fitting Eurocell fascia and soffit, and FloPlast guttering, all in an elegant anthracite grey finish. The installation was carried out for a builder in Ampthill, on a new lower level extension that he constructed. Our team's precision and attention to detail ensured a seamless fit and a visually appealing finish, enhancing the overall look of the extension. The builder was highly satisfied with our work, further solidifying our reputation for excellence in our field. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us.

Project Description

Project Overview: This portfolio showcases our most recent project in Ampthill. Firstly, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a skilled builder. Subsequently, the project involved the fitting of fascia and soffit from Eurocell, and FloPlast guttering, all in striking anthracite grey fascia boards. Interestingly, the installation was part of an extension project. Finally, this included the construction of a new lower level.

In addition to the installation of the fascia and soffit, we also had the task of creating a seamless transition between the existing structure and the new lower level. This involved carefully matching the materials and colours to ensure a cohesive look. The end result was a stunning extension that seamlessly blended with the original building. The Eurocell fascia and soffit not only looked great but were also easy to maintain, providing long-lasting protection for the property. Overall, we are extremely proud of the work we accomplished on this project and are confident that our client will enjoy their new and improved home for years to come.


  • Fascia and Soffit: Eurocell
  • Guttering: FloPlast
  • Color: Anthracite Grey

The Challenge:

Initially, the project posed unique challenges as it involved working on a newly built extension. Furthermore, the lower level construction required precise fitting of the fascia, soffit, and guttering. This was crucial to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

Our Solution:

Our team, equipped with expertise and experience, successfully installed the Eurocell fascia and soffit, and FloPlast guttering. The anthracite grey fascia boards complemented the overall design of the extension, enhancing its visual appeal.


Ultimately, our team achieved a beautifully finished extension by expertly fitting the fascia, soffit, and guttering.

We are satisfied with our work and anticipate more opportunities to showcase our expertise in fitting fascia, soffit, and guttering. For further details about our services, please contact us.

In conclusion:

“We take immense pride in our accomplishments so far. Countless hours, hard work, and creativity from our team have gone into executing each project with utmost precision and excellence. We value the opportunities we’ve encountered and look forward to more exciting ventures in the future. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality work possible, and we are confident that our passion and expertise will continue to shine in everything we undertake. We express our gratitude for your support and look forward to what the future holds!”

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