Client: Mrs Whenman Location: Much Hadham

We just finished a project in Much Hadham where we had to replace the old fascia and soffit due to rot. The solution we opted for was to use black UPVC fascia and white UPVC soffit. This not only gave the house a great new look, but also ensured durability while protecting against rot and decay.

Project Description

We recently worked on a project in Much Hadham where we had to replace the rotten fascia and soffit. To do so, we used black UPVC fascia and white UPVC soffit, which not only looked great, but also provided durability and resistance against rot and decay.

In addition to this, we noticed that the guttering was falling off, so we decided to fit black deepflow from floplast to ensure proper drainage and prevent any future issues. To further reinforce the structure, we used eave support trays and over fascia vents, which allowed for proper ventilation and ensured that the roof remained dry and well-ventilated.

We are happy to report that there were no issues for us to overcome during the project and everything went according to plan. The installation was completed without any hitch-ups and the results were impressive. The new fascia, soffit, and guttering not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the house, but also improved its structural integrity and ensured that it remained free from rot and decay for years to come.

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