What is an eaves protection system?

Also known as EPS & Eaves support tray, eaves protection system is a rigid uPVC sheet which is fixed under the eaves course of tiles to give support to the roofing membrane and prevent it from sagging.

An eaves protection system is a system designed to prevent water from entering the eaves of a building.

It consists of a series of components which can be used to protect the exterior walls and eaves of a building from water damage, as well as helping to reduce energy costs by preventing heat from escaping.

The system involves the installation of eaves guards, which can be made from metal, plastic, or other materials, and are placed around the perimeter of the building.

These eaves guards act as a physical barrier between the building and the elements, preventing water from entering the eaves and walls.

Additionally, they can be used to redirect rainwater away from the building, helping to reduce the potential for water damage.

In addition to eaves guards, an eaves protection system may also include a rain gutter system, which is designed to funnel rainwater away from the building and into a drainage system.

This helps to prevent water from pooling around the building, which can cause structural damage and increase energy costs.

An eaves protection system is an important part of any building and can help keep it safe from water damage and energy loss.

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