Orwell - fascia soffit guttering, soffit replacement and hardie cladding

Orwell is a rural village located outside Cambridge, in South Cambridgeshire, England1The Prime Meridian passes the eastern edge of Orwell1.

The village grew around the well that gave it its name and the Roman road that runs to Cambridge runs alongside the village1. The oldest surviving houses in the village date from the 16th century1.

The parish’s main commercial activity has always been agriculture, though a coprolite mine opened for a brief period at the end of the 19th century, and a brewery was run1. The parish is also home to Malton Farm, the only remaining part of the former village of Malton which was a separate parish to Orwell until the late 18th century1.

St Andrew’s Church, founded sometime about 1150 AD, is another notable feature of the village. The tower, which was built in 1250, is decorated with dog-tooth carving and blind arcading1.

Here is the location on the map for your reference.